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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Advance Soccer Complex?2020-11-11T11:28:13-06:00

The goal of ASC is to benefit Enid in three critical areas:

  1. Provide a first class facility for the nearly 800 youth in Enid that play soccer.
  2. Host many area, regional and national tournaments that will drive economic growth for the city.
  3. Provide another point of local pride and help build a sense of community and gathering for the citizens of Enid.
Who is involved in supporting the project?2021-07-25T11:51:24-05:00

The ASC is one of the largest public/private partnerships in Enid. The City of Enid will build the infrastructure for the complex, own the facility and pay utility bills for the property. The private partners will donate the funds for the building of the fields and the complex. As of now, there are over 150 private donors supporting this project, and we hope you considering joining those donors. If you are interested in supporting this project through service, financial means, or other efforts, please visit our Contact Page or email

Once the complex is operational, how will the revenue be distributed?2021-07-25T11:55:48-05:00

Advance Soccer Complex will mirror the David Allen Memorial Ballpark operations. All profit received from tournament fees and gate receipts will be used for operational and capital improvements. Enid Soccer Association is a non-profit.

Will there be public use of the fields or is it for private use only?2021-07-25T11:57:47-05:00

Much like David Allen Memorial Ballpark, the complex is a public/private partnership used by the Enid Community and Enid High School. The facility will abide by operational hours and will be made available to all soccer communities of Enid.

Will tournament sponsorships be available?2021-07-25T11:59:44-05:00

Yes. Once tournament play begins in the complex, we will offer sponsorships to local businesses. If you are interested in a sponsorship in the future, please let us know through our Contact Page or by emailing us at

What is the fundraising goal amount for the Advance Soccer Complex?2021-07-23T16:53:31-05:00

The total fundraising goal for the project is $11 million. We expect to reach this goal by December 31st, 2021.

What is the timetable for completion on the soccer complex?2021-07-23T16:52:35-05:00

Fundraising for the complex should commence December 31st, 2021. Our Official Groundbreaking ceremony is August 3rd, 2021, and we expect the complex to be complete by December 1st, 2022.

What are the options for naming opportunities?2021-07-23T16:51:17-05:00

There are a variety of naming opportunities still available for donors. Donor names will be prominently placed at the complex. Below are the options available:

Legacy Support Level

  • Championship Stadium – $500,000
  • Full-size Fields – $150,000
  • Practice Fields – $100,000
  • Picnic Area/Central Lawn – $75,000

Legacy supporters will also receive recognition through name or logo placement in sponsor brochures and marketing materials.

World Cup Level – All at $50,000

  • Locker Rooms

Olympic Level – All at $25,000

  • Picnic Tables
  • Team Benches

Team USA Level – $10,000

  • Team Plaques

Other Opportunities

  • Large Brick Paver ($1,000)
  • Medium Brick Paver ($500)
  • Small Brick Paver ($100)

Your donation is crucial in helping the Advance Soccer Complex capital campaign become a success for our community. For more information on how you can support the project, please contact Nicole Winfield at (580) 484-1013 or

What is Enid Sports Association’s involvement in the complex?2021-07-27T15:34:34-05:00

Enid Sports Association (ESA) is the certified 501-c-3 formed to build the advance soccer complex.  The mission statement of ESA is to develop and grow recreational and competitive sports, recognize achievement, and promote healthy lifestyles through strengthened community values.

Join our other donors
in supporting this project!

Join our other donors
in supporting this project!

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