Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enid Sports Association?2020-11-11T11:25:19-06:00

Enid Sports Association (ESA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2017 to develop and grow recreational and competitive sports, promote healthy lifestyles while strengthening community values and support the economic growth of Enid.

What does it mean to be a non-profit?2020-11-11T11:26:29-06:00

A non-profit organization is typically formed to benefit a cause or benefit the general public. A non-profit can generate revenue through donations, grants or operations. Tax-exempt nonprofits often create revenue through operations to pay for operating expenses.

What is the Advance Soccer Complex?2020-11-11T11:27:06-06:00

ESA, in conjunction with the Allen Family Foundation and the McLaughlin Family Foundation, sought to construct a soccer complex to host play for the Enid Soccer Club, Enid Public Schools, as well as local, regional and national college and university games and tournaments. The complex is located at the northwest corner of Garland Road and Rupe Avenue. There will be 7 regulation-sized soccer fields, consisting of 6 natural grass fields and one all-weather turf championship field, 3 smaller practice fields and a playground to benefit the community.

What is the goal of the Advance Soccer Complex?2020-11-11T11:28:13-06:00

The goal of ASC is to benefit Enid in three critical areas:

  1. Provide a first class facility for the nearly 800 youth in Enid that play soccer.
  2. Host many area, regional and national tournaments that will drive economic growth for the city.
  3. Provide another point of local pride and help build a sense of community and gathering for the citizens of Enid.
Who is involved in supporting the project?2020-11-11T11:29:55-06:00

The ASC is one of the largest public/private partnerships in Enid. The City of Enid will build the infrastructure for the complex, own the facility and pay utility bills for the property. The private partners will donate the funds for the building of the fields and the complex. The Enid Sports Association is comprised of 11 Board members with expertise and experience in facility construction and soccer operations. ESA has also gathered an incredible support system of Honorary Committee members that stand strong behind the project and fully support the established goals. The Honorary

Committee members are:

  • Mr. & Mrs. John Groendyke
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jed Dillingham
  • Mr. & Mrs. Doug Frantz
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wright
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dave McLaughlin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Pete Dillingham
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary Atwood
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Wynne
Are there any grants awarded to the project?2020-11-11T11:30:21-06:00

As a non-profit organization, we will qualify for several grants. We plan to apply for available funds and use them to better the complex as they are awarded.

If there is an event that is profitable, what happens to the profits?2020-11-11T11:30:47-06:00

All revenue from events or tournaments will be utilized for staffing to maintain the facility.

Will there be public use of the fields or is it for private use only?2020-11-11T11:31:20-06:00

The fields will primarily be used for recreational purposes. We anticipate the Enid Soccer Club, Enid Public Schools, the YMCA and others to collaborate on the best schedule possible for the facility. The goal will be to host games, tournaments and other events at the facility to benefit the community. Much like the David Allen Memorial Ballpark, there will be standard hours of operation to ensure the safety of the community and fields.

Why is the complex fenced/gated?2020-11-11T11:31:46-06:00

The complex is fenced to ensure the safety of the participants and for the security of the complex. The gates will serve as control points for entry and exit.

Is in-kind donation better or writing a check?2020-11-11T11:32:17-06:00

Any donation to the project from organizations or individuals who want to support the project is greatly appreciated. The type of donation is subject to what is best for the donor. We welcome the opportunity to work with potential donors to help identify the needs of the complex to match a donor’s gift. Nicole Winfield can assist potential donors in such discussions.

What, if any, are the PR opportunities for potential donors?2020-11-11T11:32:59-06:00

There are many naming opportunities available for donors. These range from personalized brick pavers at the entrance to the naming of the championship field or clubhouse. We look forward to arranging a time to meet with potential donors and discuss the options available to find the perfect naming opportunity.

What is the long-term objective of the soccer complex?2020-11-11T11:33:38-06:00

There are three major goals and long-term objectives of the complex; 1) promoting a healthy lifestyle for the youth of the community; 2) hosting events to create economic development for the city; and 3) provide another point of pride for Enid. A second phase of the Complex may include a training/game facility to further player development, a potential indoor area for Futsal with small-sided fields and additional outdoor fields for other sports such as flag football or lacrosse. We intend to make the Advance Soccer Complex a destination point for recreational and competitive soccer tournaments.

What is the fundraising goal amount for the Advance Soccer Complex?2020-11-11T11:34:11-06:00

The total fundraising goal for the project is $9.5 million. An initial funding of $3.0 million was given by the Allen Family Foundation and the McLaughlin Family Foundation. An equal match from the City of Enid was given for $3 million. The final $3.5 million will be generated from the Enid community to fund amenities such as the clubhouse, press box enhancements, field lighting, playground equipment, benches and shade structures.

What is the timetable for completion on the soccer complex?2020-11-11T11:34:41-06:00

We expect the grass fields to be completed by October 2020. At that time, construction will begin for the buildings located at the complex. We hope to have the facility fully completed by summer of 2021.

What are the options for naming opportunities?2020-11-23T08:21:50-06:00

There are a variety of naming opportunities available for donors. Donor names will be prominently placed at the complex. Below are the options available:

Legacy Support Level

  • Championship Stadium – $500,000
  • Clubhouse – FUNDED
  • Full-size Fields (6) – $150,000 (5 AVAILABLE)
  • Practice Fields (3) – $100,000
  • Playground area – $100,000
  • Water Feature – $75,000

Legacy supporters will also receive recognition through name or logo placement on website, sponsor brochures and marketing materials.

World Cup Level – All at $50,000

  • Central Lawn
  • Concession Stand
  • Shade Structures
  • Locker Rooms (4)

Olympic Level – All at $25,000

  • Art Pieces for Clubhouse
  • Landscape for Facility
  • Rest Area Benches
  • Team Benches

Team USA Level – $10,000

  • Donor recognition sign

Your donation is crucial in helping the Advance Soccer Complex capital campaign become a success for our community. For more information on how you can support the project, please contact Nicole Winfield at (580) 484-1013 or info@advancesoccercomplex.com.

Join our other donors
in supporting this project!

Join our other donors
in supporting this project!

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